Editorial Photographer, Designer based in Tucson, AZ

I am pretty much a fun loving person that many people get along with and I just love being around people, Editing, and Music

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Available Now Accepting: Editing Display Pictures, Editing and/ or Coding a Homepage.


Skype aggapathea

I am a perfectionist, I love creating something and having it come together in the end and be awesome for my clients. I have edited homepages, Dps, and regular pictures. Well I have 2 siblings my brother and my sister. i also have my niece which is my sisters child and I love her to death. I also have a 8 month old son that I raise alone and I support alone. I have a job as a graphic designer but I plan on going back to school for computer graphic design. I am 22, My birthday is the 10th of November. My favorite color(s) is Black and Red and Purple. I am single, and not really to mingle.


Art Direction


Design Inc.

Head Graphic Deisgner

Tucson, AZ